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  • Davis, R. G. (Humboldt State University, 1995-05)
    In this first phase of a larger project--developing an aesthetics of ecology--I recount the process by which two paper movies were produced and present their texts without images, along with arguments for the form and the ...
  • Gage, Tom; Quarles, Riley (2017-03-06)
    This film describes the vital role Captain Bill Jones played in building and then supervising the Edgar Thomson Steelworks where he patented more than 50 inventions.
  • Gage, Tom; Quarles, Riley (2017-03-06)
    This film illustrates the extent and the number of Capt. Bill Jones' patented inventions.
  • Gage, Tom; Quarles, Riley (2017-03-06)
    This film describes the construction and the opening of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 and how the Bessemer Converter made steel rails.
  • Gage, Tom; Quarles, Riley (2017-03-06)
    This film reveals that the full value of Captain Bill Jones' patents, acquired by the Carnegie Company shortly after his death can never be fully calculated.

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