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Recent Submissions

  • Hawkins, Connor T. (Humboldt State University, 2000-12)
    Communities and locations impel us to negotiate our lives in accordance with local customs, locales and landscapes. These conditions play substantial roles in the development of our lives and personalities. Correspondingly, ...
  • Parthree, Debra J. (Humboldt State University, 2004-05)
    As wetland habitat continues to disappear along the Pacific coast of North America, more research is being conducted to examine the importance of this habitat for the survival of various fish species. Sloughs, marshes, and ...
  • Oesch, Christopher E. (Humboldt State University, 2003-05)
    The Rose Creek Hardscape Naturalization Project (RCHNP) will address the feasibility of improving wetland function, stream integrity and reconnection of the wildlife corridor within concrete channelized sections of urban ...
  • Howell, David W. (Humboldt State University, 1999-05)
    Point data that are collected during a soil survey are aggregated into conceptual map units and portrayed on maps. There is no extensive geographic method to provide information about the relationships between soil-forming ...
  • Ogden, Joan (2014-10-09)
    Dr. Joan Ogden is Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of California, Davis and Director of the Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways Program at the campus’s Institute of Transportation ...