Humboldt State University


Enabling Documents and History


Recent Submissions

  • Risling, Lois (CICD-HSU, 1996)
    A letter from the Director of CICD to the Director of Academic Resources concerning budget requests and allocations.
  • Unknown author (Humboldt State University, 1975)
    Budget allocations for support programs for the 1974-75 fiscal year.
  • Unknown author (Humboldt State University, 1975)
    A brief proposal to change the name of the Center for Community Development to the Center for Indian Community Development in order to better reflect the services provided.
  • McCrone, Alistair W. (Humboldt State University, 1988)
    A letter from HSU President Alistair McCrone responding the recommendations suggested by the CSU task force for the Ancillary Support programs.
  • California State University, Board of Trustees (Humboldt State University, 1987)
    This report reviews the six Ancillary Support subprograms at Humboldt State University and the allotted budgets and recommendations.

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