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Recent Submissions

  • O'Neill, William (2015-04-17)
    Data and historically significant factors which are thought as primary. The poster also considers comparison internationally in recent time.
  • Whitham, Haley (2015-04-17)
    One of the most popularly craved foods in the United States is chocolate. Yet, current definitions and ways to assess chocolate craving vary from study to study. The purpose of this investigation was to create a reliable ...
  • Shine, Zahra; Kissinger, Megan; Olivarria, Sarah (2015-04-17)
    Although college students have access to many free or low-cost services, a majority do not take advantage of these resources. For decades, researchers have sought solutions to this misalignment of service availability, ...
  • Ruiz, Marisol; Ramirez, Janette; Torres Martinez, Maria; Sauvage, Rachel; Aquino, Gabriel (2015-04-17)
    This case study took place in a diverse school setting. We implemented critical multicultural literature to 3rd and 4th graders. Our question is: How do students respond to critical multicultural pedagogy and literature? ...
  • Ruiz, Marisol; Rodriguez, Iris; Sauvage, Rachel; Sines, Shayne; Thurlough, Kayla; Bright, Olivia (2015-04-17)
    With No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Common Core there are misconception on literacy, specifically, false research being promoted for corporate greed. We are not saying that skills based literacy is useless but it should ...