Humboldt State University


Internal Evaluations


Recent Submissions

  • Herrera, Vincent J. (Humboldt State University, 1982)
    This 1982 internal evaluation of the ITEPP program is limited in scope, focusing on the pre-service aspect of the program, which provides training and preparation to 30 Indian students.
  • ITEP staff/students (Humboldt State University, 1972)
    This 1971-72 internal evaluation of the ITEP program also contains self-written profiles of each student actually participating in the ITEP program, progress charts, and a copy of an application to the ITEP program.
  • Tswelnaldin, Patricia (Humboldt State University, 1981)
    A 1981 internal evaluation of the ITEPP program that examines information about the goals, objectives, and success from the students who are directly involved.