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Our hands-on approach offers undergrads the opportunity to work closely with faculty and apply what they have learned to actual community based projects. For more information about the Department of Economics visit the Department's home page.

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  • Eschker, Erick; West, Julia (2007-12-14)
    The primary purpose of this Economic Impact Report is to calculate the contribution of the health sector to the Del Norte economy. In addition to the Supervisors, other policy makers, business and community leaders, health ...
  • Eschker, Erick; Jessica, DiGiambattista (2007-05-31)
    This 10-year retrospective presents data collected since the start of the Humboldt Economic Index in 1994. It discusses real estate, hospitality, retail, energy, employment and manufacturing sectors, as well as other ...
  • Eschker, Erick; Messner-Zidell, Soren (2007-05-31)
    This analysis is the first look into the housing market in Humboldt County since the rapid increase in national house prices in the early 2000s. The data we present for Humboldt County 1989-2004 is consistent with housing ...
  • Eschker, Erick (2007-05-31)
    This paper is the most comprehensive look at federal, state, and local government fiscal redistribution in the twentieth century. There were four distinct eras of fiscal policy, but the government increased its relative ...