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  • West, Tim'm (2009-04-17)
    Tim'm West is an educator, scholar, journalist, poet, activist, and hip hop artist. He completed his B.A. at Duke University majoring in Philosophy with a focus on Women's Studies. A former instructor of Writing Pedagogy ...
  • West, Tim'm (2010-03-05)
  • Zamora, Javier (2017-11-02)
    Javier Zamora was born in La Herradura, El Salvador in 1990. Both his father and mother fled El Salvador in attempts to escape the US-funded Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992). In 1999, Javier migrated through Guatemala, ...
  • León, Raina J. (2017-03-06)
    Raina J. León is the author of two prize-wining poetry collections, Canticle of Idols, and Boogeyman Dawn. Her third book, dis(locate), will be released in 2016. She is a founding editor of The Acentos Review, an online ...
  • Brintrup, Lilianet; Curiel, Barbara; Karadjova, Katia; Ibarra, Jocelyn Lopez; Caldon, Madison; Cardenas, Erika; Lua, Kirk Alvaro; Victoria, Angela Ramirez (2015-10-15)